The Smarter Workforce Brochure was the introduction of Kenexa as the Smarter Workforce and Energizing Life's Work.

Energizing life’s work is the promise of a Smarter Workforce. But to build a Smarter Workforce, you need help energizing the resources, solutions and outcomes to do your work in the most fulfilling way possible. Our life’s work is helping you energize yours. We understand that as an HR professional, you need to hire, engage and optimize talent to impact business outcomes. After all, tying work to the bottom line is the measure of business success. So we’ve put the tools and solutions in place to help you attract and keep the best people, develop employee skills, cultivate leaders, and capitalize on collective intelligence and analytics to transform the way your business works. We call it the Smarter Workforce, and it’s all about Energizing Life’s Work.

The Creative Team
CMO-Tim Giesert
Creative Director-Mary Lafferty
Copywriter-Stephanie Sparks
Art Direction and Design-Deb Lee Toth
Art Direction-Jennifer Woockman
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