Each year Kenexa held an HR Conference in London. As part of my London
expatriate assignment I was tasked with creating the brand for the 2013 event.
Having just been acquired by IBM the 2013 event was the introduction of Kenexa
as Smarter Workforce. The 2013 Creating A Smarter Workforce event was held not
only in London but in Paris and Munich.

It took an amazing team to make the event a success
in all three locations.

Kenexa’s CMO: Tim Geisert
Event Coordinators: Shelly Smith and Tiffany Bromham
Creative Director: Mary Lafferty
Copywriter: Stephanie Sparks
Art Direction and Design: Deb Lee Toth
Web Strategist: Anh McClure
Web Design-Mitch Lambie
Social Media Strategist: Anthony Galvin and Amit Sidhpura

The Creative Problem
Creating one brand for the Creating A Smarter Workforce event as well
as a brand for the individual locations.
The solution was the use of each of the event location iconic landmarks.
The Design Process
The design took on many forms before arriving to its final state. The below images
are a few of the initial design ideas. Though none of these ideas were the chosen
one they did make their way to being graphic elements on a number of event collateral pieces. Specifically the website.
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